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As part of this novena, I promised Saint Claire I would publish a thank you to her, so I think it'd be cool to do it here, and share a story of her intercession.

This is my second novena to her. It was suggested to me that you ask for intercession from your namesake saint, if you have one, because your parents have already honored them by naming you after that person (I guess it gives you a special bond? I don't think it effects the novena, I just think it's nice to do).

The first business grace I asked for was to get a bonus program set up at work. Our cooperate office is ... a bit on the stingy side, to put it lightly. ... Very... very lightly... And we got one set up, out of the blue. It was quite miraculous. It took about two or three weeks - I think the more impossible the request, maybe, the longer it takes? ... It was actually very fast considering it was really really impossible.

The two impossible things I asked for were a sense of peace for me and my grandma. I can't judge how well it has helped my grandma because we don't ever communicate, and she smokes (so her nicotine addiction causes agitation in her when she isn't smoking), but considering the power of Claire's intervention, I'm sure it helped somehow.

It would be hard to describe how she has answered my novena, so you'll just have to trust me that she has in an amazingly beautiful way. She's very a sweet and powerful intercessor, and I know she will help you, too.

So, thank you, Saint Claire.
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