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Hi everyone,
I'm new here, and I thouht I'd drop in and introduce myself. My name is April, I'm 21 years old, a freshman in college. Where do I begin?? I was baptized catholic when I was a year old, but have decided since I was sixteen, that I did NOT believe in Christ, and that I wanted nothing to do with Christianity, or God, or anything. I was almost mad at the religion, because of it being forced on me when I was a kid. I became wiccan, and stayed by that faith. . .until only recently. Something doesn't fit right with me being a wiccan. It's like I don't belong in that faith at all. I feel like. . .a lost sheep. . .

Recently, I don't know what has been changing my mind, but all of a sudden, I have been praying to Jesus and Mary, and giving my confession to Him. I have found my Mom's Catholic books, and have had a yearning to read them. I've even been looking for my rosary, that my Mom bought me, and I put somewhere and forgot about a year ago. :( I told all my wiccan friends that I no longer participated in that faith, and that I've decided to become Catholic. I've also been seeing signs of my new found faith around the town where I live, and it really speaks to me. I'm scared to go to mass, but I know that it would be a good thing to do, and it would answer a lot of my questions :) When I pray for help, I no longer feel alone. I can feel His wonderful presence. I have officially decided to practice my Catholic faith. I have a burning in me, that is telling me to do this, that this is my right path. This is my story so far, and God is telling me that there is more to come.

I just wanted to give my introduction. I joined this group to perhaps give and gain support, and make new friends in my faith. :)
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