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"Where is Jesus?" Meditation - Worldwide Catholic Youth

About "Where is Jesus?" Meditation

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April 10, 2006

Lately, deep in my heart, the Lord has been echoing in my heart the words, "Enter by the narrow gate, since the road that leads to destruction is wide and spacious and many take it; but it is a narrow gate and a hard road that leads to life, and only a few find it." Pondering these words makes me think twice about salvation and what the world has been preaching. The Lord calls us to the narrow gate to find life, but the world preaches and sadly has convinced many that Salvation is easy, the way to it wide and spacious. Just be a good person, by your own standards, except Jesus as your personal Lord and savior, or just practice some Christian faith that feels right for you and that is enough. I fear that we have become quite presumptuous in our salvation, and overly confident in Gods Mercy for us. I do not deny the Mercy of God, but I also do not deny his Judgment. The Christian way of Salvation that is often preached today, I do not in any way find to be narrow. The world is full of the Lukewarm, filled with those that practice faith as they see fit, and often leads them to lead a life that is self-centered, and places God in a box. I titled this blog "Where is Jesus?" because I feel this question really points out the narrow way, and reveals our misguided presumption. In a world that is made up of a huge number of Christians, the world still yet does not know Jesus. I say even those who have read the bible, been baptized and confirmed, still do not know Jesus. I see so many people that are worn out, tired and sorrowful, Christians and Non-Christians alike. Pining for something better but not sure what. The narrow way has been lost, and truly few are finding it, even among believers. And it is found only in Christ. There is a reason we have been named Christians, it wasn't a fun name made up just to identify the believers of Christ. Its meaning is Little Christs. That is the narrow way, that is what many have lost, the truth that we as little Christs are to be Christ in this world. The truths of God were not meant to be placed in a book, for our reading enjoyment later in life. Nor was the truth something that was meant to be debated and argued over. We are Christ, and only through us can the world come to know him. Yet in our laxity and worldly attachments the world has not truly found Christ. The narrow path is one that is contrary to the ways of the world. Yet have we faithful apposed the things of this world? Do we, unlike Christ, live lives that persist in selfishness, seeking what benefits us over our brothers and sisters. We are called to die with Christ, but what did he die for, himself? No he died for each and every one of us, just as we too ought in his image die for each other. Die to our own selfish desires, and walk the path of Love that Jesus called us to in the first place. The world does not know Jesus because they can't find him in us, his professed faithful. Many look at the professed Christian faith and see all the division and debating, and not sure what to believe. But being Christ is not about what we believe as much as how we live. As our brother Paul stated so beautifully, "Though I have the power of prophecy, to penetrate all mysteries and knowledge, and though I have all the faith necessary to move mountains, If I am without Love, I AM NOTHING." Paul understood as we have forgotten, even faith without love, Wisdom and knowledge without love is nothing. Like the Knowledge driven people we have become, we have sadly put understand the truth before living it. With the large number of Christians in this world, It should have been over run with Love a long time ago, but it is not, because to do so, would mean walking a path that is much more narrow than many want to walk. Selflessness, showing love to all unconditionally. The true Disciples of Christ are those that strive after unconditional love above all things for all people, even those we are repulsed by. Those that do not strive in this way are living in a lie, wolves in sheeps clothing weeding Gods harvest of Love with seeds of Lust and selfishness. Disguising themselves with the likeness of wheat, putting on the name of Christ and knowing nothing of Love. They even mesmerize people with Scripture and great wisdom, while in the darkness they indulge in their own passions and build a religion that allows them the comforts they desire. We look at people like Mother Teresa and admire their great show of love, yet fail to realize, if that kind of Love is not found in us, we are fooling ourselves. This world needs Christ, who is God and Love himself, and we in our selfish and lax ways have robbed the world of his presence and beauty that was meant to be found in us. "Where is Jesus?" Let us shed our selfishness and lustful ways, and show the world he is within us, his true disciples.

I pray these words will convict me more than my fellow brothers and sisters, for these words of the Lord have come to me, because I have yet to make them fully alive in me. I share them that those that also may benefit from their plea to deeper conversion, might also profit in them.
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