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Apr. 6th, 2008 @ 07:33 pm
No matter what is happening to us, politically and economically, even if aliens invade, we have to keep helping hungry children and dying people in poor countries. Think of others before ourselves.
We have to keep acting like happy people.

TO ALL Mar. 23rd, 2008 @ 11:07 pm
I wish you all a happy easter. Felices Pascuas.. Let Jesus live in our hearts. Hope you guys had a great day. I went to mass today before I go to church I got this gut feeling that made me teary eyed that everything is going to be oh k in my life and when I was in church during mass I got the same feeling. It felt good like reassuring. Mass was great I Loved it the priest to the church I go to makes a very live mass which I love :0)..God Bless you all


p.s: Sorry now I realize my Icon is so rude. Sorry if I offend anybody I need to get one for this community!
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Question Feb. 6th, 2008 @ 11:21 pm
I would really appreciate if  you guys give me your feed back. Lately when I go to church I get this overwhelming feeling and I just cant stop crying. I don't know maybe is because I want his forgiveness for sins. But all I know is that I just cry..I hope you guys and a great mass.

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Hi guys Feb. 5th, 2008 @ 11:39 pm
So I was wondering as lent is just around corner what are your guys thoughts about all this. For me is a time to think, reflect and change. Try to stop those things which stops you to have that full connection with God. Tomorrow I will be going to mass. I am kind of happy I been going to mass like almost every sunday and I started going to prayers group. It feels really good inside. But what you guys think?


Is the Church dying? Feb. 5th, 2008 @ 07:47 am
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» I need support.

A lot of things are really weighing on me right now.

1) A personal addiction. I know it's a sin, but I always find a reason to do this one thing. I tell myself it's okay because it's a habit and I can't help myself. It's not even enjoyable anymore. I feel so rotten about myself. I don't know why I keep doing it but I want to stop. Have you ever had an experience like this? 

2) Frustration with people who have labeled me "anti-choice." I simply cannot understand how the arguments for abortion can sound reasonable to anyone. I feel really, really angry. 

3) I'm staying with my dad right now. I am 21, but pregnant and needed his help. I don't think he believes in God. I can't drive, and my younger sister is only 12. She wants to go to church and learn about Catholicism. He mocks it all the time, although he claims to respect the religion. He also will not drive us the the Catholic Church because it isn't convenient for him. I can understand that, but I don't know how else to get there. We are watching Mass on Sundays on EWTN, but it's kind of boring for a kid. I know that she would get a lot more out of it in person. How would you handle this? I need good advice.

» Blessing....
I do feel it to be a blessing to join this community... I myself have many journals online but never sought to write about my spiritual journey till now.. I feel like all these years i have just been soo ashamed of what i have done in my life thus far that my faith was completely shattered but these past few months i have come to realize thats God presence in my life is a lot stronger then ever..... I have met some amazing friends and been through some amazing experiences. I went on my first retreat two months ago and well  i have completely changed my life.. I felt God touch me in a way that is indescribable but it motivated me to change my life for the better. I have become really close with one girl from school in this Club called the Newman Club. She has been a total inspiration to me. Her faith is soo strong... i wanted that... i began to pray and begin to pray the rosary... then out of no where we go snowboarding and then she leaves her i-pod in my car and well forgets it then a dew days later she calls and says that she will be in my area and that we should meet up. Where we met up at was at my church where she was going to Lion Of Judah... a very charasmatic group. I will admit i was a little overwhelmed but i relaxed and just worshiped and praised my God in a way that i felt was best. All around me people were speaking in tongues and raising there hands and praising... as i sat there i felt like i wanted to have the gift i wanted to be able to have the Holy Spirit touch me in that way. I thought at that moment that those people were better then me and that their faith was stronger... but then once i talked to my mom i found out that my thoughts weren't true. That God wouldn't look at my differently. That made me happy! I also noticed that night that my friend had her "He and I" book. That led me to beleive even more that i should get it. She read a passage from it to and i loved it. :) I must get that book!! 

Anywayz i guess that was kinda my introduction... If anyone has any books that have touched them spiritually i would love to read them... :)
» Intro and Question
Hi I just joined.  I may not actually qualify to be in this community; I was raised catholic but I'm starting to lean towards agnosticism as I get older. 

I just had a question about the Church's adamant anti-gay stance.  Alot of religious people I've talked to say being gay is a sin and gay people could change if they wanted too.  I'm a bit of a faghag, meaning I have alot of gay friends and my uncle is gay, and they say they were just born that way.  Why do religious people think they know you aren't born gay when the people who actually know about beign gay say you're born that way.  It just seems liek if they say they're born gay, straight people shoudl believe them.  I also wonder what gives Catholics and other religions such a sense of entitlement that they think they are so much better than gay people.  They're just people with a different sexual orientation than us straight people.  I do know not all religious people think this way, that's just the experience I've had with people I've talked too.  I know the bible says that homosexuality is a sin, but the bible also says if you rape someones daughter the punishment is to give them a sheep.  I'm very pro-gay marriage, there's no reason why they shouldn't be allowed to have the same rights as straight people, but I wanted to hear what people who think differently's reasons are.  

Oh and one more thing(sorry about the long post), why can't women be priets?  I've never understood this either.
» Happy New Christ!
Pope Benedict XVI wishes you all a very happy New Christ!

Pope Benedict XVI wishes you all a very happy New Christ!



Doesn't it disappoint you that we, Catholics, typically disregard the Bible, the Scripture, the Word of God and find it often difficult to defend when placed on the spot by a Protestant or a Christian fundamentalist? I just watched a video clip on Youtube of a Catholic youth debating a Christian fundamentalist youth (shown above), and inwardly cried and pitied the Catholic youth who stood stumbling for words. It isn't a matter of who's religion is more correct or more genuine, but a matter who clearly knows the Bible. Most Catholics simply don't read the Word of God sufficiently. This motivates me. This, red New American Bible that rests on top of my desk isn't the easily read children's Bible with pictures I read years before, but intricate in its symbolism and many interpretations. I am overwhelmed how to begin to devour it all. Can you help me?
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